Friday, November 30, 2007

Marie Jones Interviews Me On Saucer Spies

Author Marie Jones (who wrote the excellent PSIence) interviews me about On the Trail of the Saucer Spies.

Special Branch and Saucer-Seekers

The Metropolitan Police Special Irish Branch was formed in March 1883 to counter Irish 'Fenian' terrorism on mainland Britain.
Over the years, Special Branch took on responsibility for combating a wide range of extremist and terrorist activity and the term 'Irish' was dropped from its title.
Special Branch had responsibility for gathering, collating and exploiting intelligence on extremist political and terrorist activity, disseminating intelligence for operational use and assisting other Government agencies to counter threats to the security of the United Kingdom.
Today, it has been restructured into the Counter-Terrorism Command.
Over the years, Special Branch took a keen interest in the actions and activities of certain British-based UFO researcher, such as Robin Cole (a Cheltenham-based researcher who dug deep into the UFO-related activities of the Government Communications Headquarters, GCHQ); Matthew Williams, best-known for his investigations of RAF Rudloe Manor, Wiltshire; Jonathan Downes; George King and a number of others.
The strange story is spelled out in all its weird glory within the pages of On the Trail of the Saucer Spies.

Find Out If "They" Are Watching You...

Over the years, the FBI has secretly spied on countless people within the UFO field - as we know from the many official records that have been declassified on such people, including George Adamski, George Van Tassel, Bill Moore, Leonard Stringfield, Gray Barker, Albert Bender, and many others.
And, if as a result of your own UFO-driven activities you think you have been the subject of an official investigation, why not contact the FBI to see if that is indeed the case?
Click here to learn how to file a Freedom of Information Act request for access to your own file.
You may be surprised with what you find...

Marilyn Monroe, UFOs and CIA Spooks

As many people may be aware, the FBI has an extensive surveillance file on dead blond babe, Marilyn Monroe. However, it wasn't just the FBI that was secretly spying on the Hollywood glamor girl.
My Celebrity Secrets book includes a discussion of a strange, unofficial document on the actress leaked out of a secret government archive in the mid-1990s - or so the allegations go, at least.
Incredibly, the document claims that none other than Marilyn's one-time lover, JFK (also known as the President of the United States - until Lee Harvey Oswald, or the CIA, or the Mafia, or the KGB, or the FBI, or someone blew his head off), had secretly informed the actress of the trut.h surrounding the notorious "Roswell UFO Crash" that occurred in the deserts of New Mexico in the summer of 1947.
It's a weird story, for sure, and allegations that the document is a fraud abound. If true, however, it's further evidence of how and why the official world keeps a close watch on those that immerse themselves in the UFO puzzle.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Australian Saucer-Spies

Australian UFO researcher Bill Chalker reveals how and why the nation's domestic intelligence agency secretly watched the UFO research community...

George King, The Aetherius Society and the British Police Force's "Special Branch"

Flying Saucerers: A Social History of Ufology by Dave Clarke and Andy Roberts is a book I urge one and all to read.
The overall story is fascinating, but of particular interest to me - and of specific relevance to this blog - is the fact that Dave and Andy succeeded in obtaining the British Police Force's "Special Branch" surveillance files on George King of the Aetherius Society.
Yes: even good old George was being secretly watched by the faceless automatons of the official world...

Saucer-Spooks And The FBI's UFO Book-Reviewers

Written a UFO book? If yes, why not send it to the FBI? They'll gladly review it for you and keep the results classified for years!

Hackers And Spies

Matthew Bevan, a computer genius who hacked into multiple US Government and military systems in search of classified data on UFOs in the 1990s became the subject of a major surveillance investigation (undertaken by the US Air Force, the FBI, National Security Agency, MI5, MI6 and even Chinese Military Intelligence) prior to his arrest by Scotland Yard's Computer Crimes Unit in 1996.
Ultimately, all charges against Bevan were thrown out of court.
The answers - and the full story - can be found in my book On the Trail of the Saucer Spies.

The Aztec UFO And The FBI

Want to learn why the FBI was secretly investigating Silas Newton and Leo Gebauer, two of the key players in the notorious Aztec, New Mexico "crashed UFO" affair of 1948? If your answer is an enthusiastic "Yes!" click here.

The FBI On Philip Corso

Philip Corso's book, The Day After Roswell, was one that caused waves of discussion within Ufology. Corso was also of interest to the Federal Bureau of Investigation under the Hoover regime, as his now-declassified FBI file reveals...

Mac Tonnies and Homeland Security...

Mac Tonnies is a friend, researcher and the author of the excellent book After the Martian Apocalypse. He's also someone that Homeland Security seem to be taking an interest in, as this link demonstrates...

The Anomalist, The Air Force, The Aliens And The Actor...

The newly-published issue of The Anomalist, titled Intermediate States, includes a chapter by me on the strange story of Mikel Conrad - an actor and film-maker who became the subject of an official U.S. Air Force surveillance file in the late 1940s after it was announced that he was making a sci-fi film called The Flying Saucer.
The rumor in circulation was that Conrad's film would feature footage of real UFOs in action.
The Air Force was quick to dispatch its agents on a quest for the truth...

Spying On The Sisters

Why on earth, in the name of our lord and master Kenneth Arnold, was the CIA secretly watching two elderly sisters with an interest in UFOs? Read on...

Stuart Miller Gives His Views On "Saucer Spies"

Stuart Miller of UFO Review fame has this to say about On the Trail of the Saucer Spies:

"It would seem fair to say that at least for the last year, Nick Redfern has been the hottest topic around when it comes to UFO related books. Back in June 2005 we had Body Snatchers, the story about what really happened at Roswell, and now we have Saucer Spies, the history of American and British Intelligence agency observation of Ufologists.
"Now when you read that last sentence it makes a kind of natural sense. After all, you would think, of course the Intelligence agencies are going to watch Ufologists and they are going to smack them sharply on the nose like a naughty puppy if any of them get too close to any kind of truth.
"Except that’s not how it was. It seems that the spooks couldn’t care less what researchers found out about UFOs, which isn’t very nice of them. Their interest it appears was more to do with the concern that some Ufologists might be using an interest in the subject as a cover for less patriotic activities. Like for instance spying for a foreign power, and so on.
"And Nick Redfern should know as he himself was watched by the UK’s Special Branch for a number of years. You see, Nick kept company with very bad men. Matthew Williams, Matthew Bevan and Robin Cole were all dastardly villains because they too were Ufologists and rather than sit lamely back and fiddle with their widgets, they got off their backsides and either broke into restricted government buildings to get answers or hacked into the Pentagon’s computer system, or, as in Robin’s case, had the temerity to actually write a pamphlet on what the GCHQ (UK equivalent of the NSA) knew about UFOs.
"But not satisfied with just consorting with these grave threats to the security of the realm, Nick further compounded his attraction to Special branch by standing outside Porton Down, the UK government’s centre for biological warfare research, and noting down the car registration numbers of people driving in and out of the base. Why would a Ufologist want to do that for God’s sake? I’m afraid the answer is in the book.
"Nick covers Adamski, Newton/Scully/Gebauer, Van Tassel, Albert Bender, Men in Black, the real story behind some alien abductions, APEN – a mysterious group of UK individuals from the political far right, the Berwyn Mountain incident, Jenny Randles meeting with “Robert”, animal mutilations, the escapades of Matthew Williams, Matthew Bevan’s hacking into the Pentagon, the Provost and Security Services, direct approaches to Ufologists by AFOSI, and much, much more. In particular, Nick has the assistance of a former Special Branch detective who he calls The Sandman who, years after the events described in Nick’s book, is quite happy to confirm and clear up and explain what was going on and why.
"This is an excellently researched and well written and informative book that casts Ufology in another perspective. It is a perspective that some may feel uncomfortable with but you need to remember that this is a Nick Redfern book and Nick isn’t in to tucking us up all safe and snug at night. What this is is a further clarification of the UFO reality and that reality isn’t exactly what a lot of Ufologists currently believe it to be. "

The FBI And NICAP: The Files...

Did you know that the FBI had opened files on the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, NICAP? No? Well, the FBI has now posted its files online, right here.

Stuart Miller's UFO Review: The Spook Interview

Check out this for a huge interview with me that was conducted by good friend Stuart Miller of UFO Review. You can download it as a PDF and learn all about how and why you may be being watched by the official world...

"On The Trail Of The Saucer Spies" At

In 2006, I was a featured guest on Jeff Rense's radio show where I discussed how and why the FBI, NSA, CIA and elements of British Intelligence secretly watch those of that engage in UFO research.
Click here to download the show.

21st Century Radio And The Saucer Spies...

Click here to download the MP3 of my Saucer Spies interview on 21st Century Radio...

Coast To Coast On UFO Spookery

Back in 2006, Coast to Coast with George Noory extensively interviewed me about On the Trail of the Saucer Spies. Here's the link where the show is archived.

Spooks, Spies And Ufology

Spooks infiltrate Ufology...

Frank Warren & "Saucer Spies"

Saucer Spies at Frank Warren's blog...

The FBI And The Howard Berney Scam

Why did the FBI of the 1950s open a file on alleged UFO contactee Harold Berney? Click here to find out...

Tim Binnall Interviews Me On "Saucer Spies"

Click here to hear an interview with me conducted by researcher and radio-host Tim Binnall...

British UFO Researcher Dr. David Clarke Reviews "Saucer Spies"

Britain's Dave Clarke is skeptical of much of ufological lore, but he gives Saucer Spies a fair treatment...

Spying On Australia's Ufologists...

Check out this link to see how and why Australia's Intelligence world secretly spied on the nation's UFO researchers. It's a tale that is as fascinating as it is bizarre and eye-opening. Do you really think - in view of the current world climate - that something similar isn't going on today? I'll bet my boots it is!

UFO Digest Praises "On The Trail Of The Saucer Spies"

UFO Digest gives On the Trail of the Saucer Spies a thumbs-up... Covers "Saucer Spies"

"On the Trail of Saucer Spies is a new book written by the great UFO researcher and author Nick Redfern. His efforts address the very problem discussed above. He takes you where only a handful of people have gone before; into that area where the real boogie man is, where the men in black are, where wire taps are common, and where cars seem to follow you wherever you go; into the world of government cover up and disinformation. The old time researcher has been there, and they will tell you, it's not much fun. They are always given the runaround, and it takes a great deal of patience to continue this thankless job. Redfern's new book covers all the related problems; crashed saucers, alien bodies, secret documents, and more. If you buy a book any time soon, this is the one you want."-- Billy Booth,

Author Marie Jones On "Saucer Spies"

"Redfern is the one authority on UFOs and government cover-ups who wins my total trust...On The Trail of the Saucer Spies is great late-night, page-turning reading that will no doubt have you looking over your shoulder, especially in this day of domestic spying. If you are a UFO buff, all the more reason to read up, and be prepared for anything. They may, after all, be watching you."
Marie Jones, Curled Up with a Good Book, Five-Star Review.

Bruce Maccabee Reviews "On The Trail Of The Saucer Spies"

"The bottom line, according to Redfern's well documented book, is that there has been a considerable amount of government spying on ufologists, but it was not so much carried out because of a fear that ufologists would learn government secrets about flying saucers, but rather because the intelligence agencies were afraid that some ufologists were being 'used,' willingly or unwillingly, as information sources by foreign intelligence services... Redfern demonstrates that the MIB myth is not without foundation... I recommend this book to everyone and especially to those who have not yet requested a copy of their 'file.'"
Bruce Maccabee, Journal of Scientific Exploration.