Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Men in Black in "Beyond"

The new issue (No. 14) of Britain's Beyond Magazine includes a lengthy article from me on one of the most intriguing aspects of of Saucer-Spying: that of the Men in Black. As I note in the article, for the most part at least, the puzzle can be traced back to an unusual encounter with three mystery MIBs that UFO researcher Albert Bender had in the early 1950s.

The story is told in Gray Barker's book, They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers, and is most definitely a weird and wild one - as is Bender's own book on the subject: Flying Saucers and the Three Men.

And while Bender's story has definite occult-type overtones to it, there is no doubt that the MIB motif has been ingeniously utilized by elements of the Intelligence communities of several nations (including both the US and the UK) as part of its efforts to keep tabs on certain elements of the UFO research community and UFO witnesses.

Perhaps the most astonishing thing I found during the course of my research into this matter was a batch of FBI documents showing that none other than FBI boss J. Edgar Hoover ordered one of his agents to secure for him a copy of Gray Barker's book on the MIB puzzle.

Take care if you ever hear a slow, ominous knocking on your front-door: "they" may be coming for you too...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stargate 007

Spies, Lies and Polygraph Tape is a great resource tool for anyone wanting to dig deep into the world of UFOs and shadowy figures in the world of intelligence. Highly recommended!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Greg Bishop on The Aviary

Over at UFO Mystic, good friend and fellow-blogger Greg Bishop has an excellent two-part post on the shadowy "Aviary." As you'll see, Greg's post delves deeply into saucer-spying, cloak-and-dagger activity, and much more of truly out-of-this-world proportions.

And, of course, Greg is also the author of the book Project Beta - arguably the most important UFO book of the last few decades. Greg's book describes how and why one man - Paul Bennewitz - was spied on, manipulated and ruined by the Intelligence community and the military as a result of his UFO pursuits.

As Greg's book graphically demonstrates, the Saucer-Spies can be a truly ruthless bunch when they want to be.

Here's part one of Greg's article and here's part two.