Thursday, March 13, 2008

Greg Bishop on The Aviary

Over at UFO Mystic, good friend and fellow-blogger Greg Bishop has an excellent two-part post on the shadowy "Aviary." As you'll see, Greg's post delves deeply into saucer-spying, cloak-and-dagger activity, and much more of truly out-of-this-world proportions.

And, of course, Greg is also the author of the book Project Beta - arguably the most important UFO book of the last few decades. Greg's book describes how and why one man - Paul Bennewitz - was spied on, manipulated and ruined by the Intelligence community and the military as a result of his UFO pursuits.

As Greg's book graphically demonstrates, the Saucer-Spies can be a truly ruthless bunch when they want to be.

Here's part one of Greg's article and here's part two.

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