Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Saucers, Secrets & Surveillance

Back in 1991, legendary collector of crashed UFO stories, Leonard Stringfield, published in one of his many “Status Reports” the account of one “S.M. Brannigan,” a former U.S. military source who claimed knowledge of an alleged UFO crash somewhere in the vicinity of the Cannock Chase woods (see photo) and the town of Penkridge, Staffordshire, England.

For years, the case (like so many others!) languished in obscurity. But, in 1996, Irene Bott, then the President of the now-defunct Staffordshire UFO Group, was contacted by a local, elderly man who claimed deep knowledge of the event.

So, on a cold, windy and wet morning in December of that year, me and Irene headed out to his home and were told a strange and intriguing story of a crashed UFO, a high-level military and police cover-up, and of what may have been deep surveillance of the witness himself - and maybe even of me and Irene, too.

It was a truly strange and surreal interview, and one which I have never forgot.

And, although for me the interview was a one-off (the overall investigation was very much that of the Staffordshire UFO Group), I’m very pleased to be able to state that a guy local to the area has started his own, deep investigation of the case.

It’s one of those odd cases that is as potentially significant as it is extremely weird and frustratingly elusive and unresolved.

And, for those who may want to learn about the role of me and Irene in this story - which is truly worthy of an episode of The X-Files - you can do so within the pages of my book, On the Trail of the Saucer Spies.


info said...

Hi Nick,

I was just wondering on how thing were progressing
with your book on the us government's involvement in ritual magic. I'm really looking forward to it. I see it
being a serious paradigm changer.

Nick Redfern said...

I should be handing the manuscript to the publisher in approx October (by wich time I should have it complete), so hopefully it should surface early next year.

info said...

Excellent! I look forward to it's release and subsequent freaking out of the ETH folks LOL.

As you continue to
show, the UFO Matryoshka doll (often incorrectly referred to as a Babushka doll)has layers within layers. Government involvement, hoaxes, natural phenomenon,etc. The actual 5 to 10% of what constitutes the "truth" of these entities has been known for quite sometime to practitioners of traditional spiritual cultivation systems in Africa, Australia, Asia,Central and North America, Ancient India, Europe & Russia . It's just that this truth is more than a little unnerving to your average western paradigm oriented individual.

So-Called UFOs and the so called
Occult are connected to each other, and both in turn are connected to the "subconscious" of every man, woman, and child on this planet.

Your books, blogs, and upcoming material go a long way towards painting the details in of the big picture. Much thanks for doing the actual work that others are either unable, or unwilling to do.

I wait to hear about the release date at one of your many locales in the CyberAether. Peace.

Nick Redfern said...

Many thanks!